August 24 – 27, 2018
Chicago, IL

Go from a bland and boring routine-ruled life to a place of rediscovery, inspiration and overwhelming joy in three days, even if you are terrified of stepping out of your comfort zone and haven’t made a friend since high school.

A summer camp designed to empower and celebrate YOU.

Are you in desperate need of a vacation, but keep forgetting to take one?

And of course, you have to use your vacation days or they expire, so you end up just sitting on the couch at home watching Netflix…

Or worse…. you don’t even use your vacation days at all! *insert horrified gasp here* 


Whatever it is your soul seeks, we’ve crafted the perfect program so that you have the flexibility to design your dream weekend.

If adrenaline-inducing activities are your idea of a good time, then get ready to grin, because you’re going to have one hell of a weekend! Or why not just relax with a private massage?

Embrace your imagination and give the right side of your brain some loving. Regardless of your definition of ‘creative’ – we are sure to have a class on offer to get your creative juices flowing.

Your experiences at camp will be difficult to put into words, but moments of magic over the weekend will shape your soul and impact you in profound ways well after you’ve left camp.

High Ropes • Low Ropes • Archery • Nature Trails & Hiking • Yoga • Daily Boot Camp • Tubing • Canoeing • Massages • Team Sports •Tribal Wars •Painting • Pottery • Candle Making • Soap Making • Leather Crafting • DIY Life Hacks • Self-Discovery Scavenger Hunt • Fishing • Board Games • Not-So-Competitive Team Sports (give it a go & have a laugh!)


Workshops & Masterclasses
Writing • Poetry • Self-publishing • Mechanics • Self Defense Class • Productivity Workshops • Leadership Workshops • Board Breaking Confidence Masterclass • Overcome Fears or Phobias • Women’s issues • Breathing & Mindfulness • Dream Building: “How to get what you want, how to KNOW what you want” • Entrepreneurial coaching • Goal setting & Manifestation • Social Justice • Health & Well being • Nutrition • “Girl Power Panels” with special guests • Hot Topic Round Tables • Sunday Funday Chat & Chill • Meditation • Drumming circles • Inspiration on tap


Evening Events
Smores bar • Campfire Connection • Team Building with your Tribe • Moonlight hikes • Stargazing • “Show Your Colors” Dance Party • “Holy shit look what I did!” Bragging Rights at Twilight  • “Burn Your Bullshit” Ceremony • Campfire Poetry Slam • Live Music


Free Time
Laze by the lake or under the trees with a good book or some music in your ears, chat with friends, sleep in, add a massage to your schedule, hit up an activity here or there – however you want to spend your days is entirely up to you! The schedule is there for you to take or leave as you please.


Interested in something you don’t see above? You can make a request and we’ll add it to the weekend if others feel the same!

Literally everything.

» All your food

» All your accommodation

» All activities, events & workshops

» Free swag

» Access to virtual base camp (where you’ll find loads of resources, tips, and information)

» Membership to our private online community where you can immediately start making friends and memories to last a lifetime.

» Friends. So many friends.

(Note: You’re not paying for friends. Don’t buy friends. That’s weird.)

Optional Extras

» Private Massage

» WOW Bus – let us drive you to the doorstep of camp!

Spend three days with some of your closest friends you haven’t even met yet.

I know what you’re thinking…

“I am not a social person – I’m a total introvert” – We embrace and protect our social introverts.


“I don’t have anyone to go with” – You don’t NEED anyone to go with! You might come alone, but you’ll only be alone until you arrive.


“I’m afraid of stepping out of my comfort zone” – We will become your comfort zone (It sounds crazy, but it’s TRUE!).


“I’ve never traveled” –  No time like the present! The WOW bus picks up from select hotels around both Midway and O’Hare airports, so all you have to do is get to Illinois and we’ll take care of the rest!


“I don’t really care about feminism” – Would it surprise you to know that there are other women attending who feel the same way? Weekend of Women is a fully customizable camp – which means that if there’s something on the schedule you don’t dig, you don’t have to go! Whether you want to start the next movement of strong women standing up for what they believe in, or you just want to shoot some arrows and climb a wall, there will always be PLENTY of things for you to do!


» Unlike other adult summer camps, we do not curate our attendees list. (Yes… can you believe that happens?! Gross!) If you buy a ticket, you’re guaranteed a spot at camp!


» We also believe very strongly in giving more in value than we take in payment. That’s why we will NEVER nickle & dime you. Everything is included, and often unexpected! (Come on.. you can’t expect us to tell you ALL the goodies, can you? Surprises are FUN!)


» We also give you perks for doing awesome things like coming back year after year, or paying in full. For those on a budget, we also offer payment plans so you can spread the cost of your ticket out over 3 months. We’re nice like that!


» We’re a family business – and that means YOU’RE our family. It’s not just a cheesy saying; it’s a fact – one we keep in mind with everything we do.



» THIS IS THE FIRST EVER WEEKEND OF WOMEN! Our Maiden Voyage! For that reason, ticket prices are the lowest they will EVER be.

Who are we and why should you trust us?

Meet Penny and Kat Cavanaugh: Founders and Directors of GC Events. Happily Married. (Spoiler).

Our story

Kat and Penny have been hosting adult summer camps and retreats since 2016, and events before that since 2010.

What started with an after party and a game of softball has evolved into this amazing and soul-enriching weekend, full of some of the craziest experiences you never dreamed were even possible!

When you meet Penny, you’ll learn that she REFUSES to do anything less than 100%, and that’s what has made this weekend into the phenomenal experience it is today. Kat is a mechanic by day, and an absolute sweetie with a heart of gold. She’s great at making sure everyone feels as special as they deserve to feel.

Brace yourselves for some serious geekery right here: we met at a Xena: Warrior Princess convention, so we know how life-changing events like Weekend of Women can be. How life-changing? We got married at that same convention the following year.

So that’s us…. We can’t wait to get to know you!

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Unwind, make new friends, meet inspiring human beings, re-discover yourself and have a shit-load of fun!

Frequently Asked Questions

You got the Q’s? We got the A’s!!

Q. How old do I have to be to attend?


A. This is an 18+ event

Q. Is there an age limit?


A. Heck no! Our oldest camper is 78, and she has smashed a board with her hands AND killed it on the high ropes swing! Age is just a number! We also have older campers who prefer more of a quiet weekend!


Q. Can my husband/boyfriend come?


 A. Absolutely! This is a weekend to celebrate and empower women, so as long as he is on board and excited to participate, he is more than welcome!


Q. I have a disability. Will I be able to participate?

 A. Yes! We will take care of you in whatever way we can, to make sure you have the best ever time! Just reach out and let us know that you need a little extra help, and we’ll take care of it!

Q. I have special dietary needs. Can you accommodate them?

 A. Love it! Yes – our professional chef can make sure you are 100% looked after! We welcome and cater for our vegetarians, vegans, as well as those with intolerance. The short of it is: we got you!

Q. Do you have a payment plan? I can't pay all at once.

 A.We do! However, the Friends and Family discount offer is only available as a single payment option, but if you wait until February, the payment plan offer will launch and you can lock your ticket in then!

Q. Which airport should I fly into?

 A.You can fly into either Midway or O’Hare! The WOW Bus will have scheduled stops at certain hotels by each airport, so as long as you book in at one of the stops you’ll be sweet! If you don’t book in at one of the pick-up points that’s fine too – you’ll just need to be there the morning of pick-up so we don’t leave without you!

Q. I'm local - do I have to take the bus?

 A. Nope! There’s plenty of parking space, so just plug in the address in your welcome package into the GPS and you’ll be on your way! (ps – Go Cubs!)

Q. I live too far away to come! Can you put on a camp in [insert exotic country here]?

 A. Never say never! Right now we’re focusing on the United States since that’s where we live, but hey, maybe one day! Until then, why don’t you keep an eye on flight deals? There are often some great last minute discounts offered by certain airlines.

Q. Do you have a scholarship?

 A. We do have a scholarship available for those who NEED this vacation but don’t have the monetary means to come. If you or someone you know would like to apply for the scholarship, please click here.




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Brace yourself buttercup, this will be FUN!

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